Production 101

January 2001 I began working in Hollywood as both a Storyboard Artist and a Production Assistant. Although storyboards became my main job, my work in prodution continued for over a decade. I've worn many hats, including those of 2nd A.D. and 1st A.D.

My extensive on-set experience, and intimate knowledge of the production pipeline allow me to cater my storyboard services to each Director's (and Producer's) specific needs. My illustrations are easy for any client or crew member to understand, and fit tight budgets.

2006 - Firsting on the set of Masquerade (Dir. Natalia Garcia)


Pictoral shot lists and story pre-visualization for film production.

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A picture is worth a thousand words and then some.

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Logo Design

Successful business branding starts with a fascinating and encapsulated image.

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